The genesis of the project

    There is no mystery and suspense to magic any more. Of late the world of magic is seen to be dull and predictable. I would like to bring mystique and amazement back to the art.

    I intend to train teachers and volunteers on every leg of this trip so that they can imbibe and hand down magic to the children they interact with, even in my absence.

    Props to enable the passing on of knowledge to the children’s associations will include playing cards and iPads. The tablets will contain interactive and detailed video tutorials ensuring that each trick is clearly demonstrated. A simple customised plug is all that is required to use the iPads effectively.

    Via the Internet and technology, children will be able to follow my progress over 80 days and experience other cultures and virtually meet other young people from across the globe.

    Substantial PR value is anticipated to be generated on this trip through interaction with local media. Social media and online tools such as video and photo diaries as well as a daily blog will be regularly updated to bring further exposure and interest in this project.